Daily prayer…

Father God, help us to always be faithful to You. Help us to read Your word, and Lord let us submit to You, so the Holy Spirit can guide us. As it says in Proverbs 16:9 “we can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.”


For recent daily prayers and verses of the day go to… https://www.wormitparishchurch.org.uk/verse-of-the-day/

Heavenly Father, may You bless us this day and this week, may Your Holy Spirit walk with us and guide us.  Amen

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COVID-19 Update on Church building use and opening for services

Due to the Scottish Government guidance Wormit Church will be closed for worship and daily activities until at least the 31st January 2021. Whist it is hoped that these are temporary measures, the Kirk Session will keep the situation under review in accordance with the guidance issued by the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland. We will post any updates on this website.

The Moderator of the Church of Scotland is recording an online service for Sunday 10th January 2021. This will be made available on the church website. We will aim to have a worship service recorded or linked on the website each Sunday morning during this new period of lockdown.

For pastoral or other support please contact us, in particular your elder.

Kim Falconer
Session Clerk


Other recordings of Church Services, Services from the Study and other videos can be found on the Church Online webpage by clicking here… https://www.wormitparishchurch.org.uk/wormit-parish-church-videos/

What you can expect on returning to Wormit Parish Church building for worship this coming Sunday, 6th of September at 11 a.m.  Have a look at the short below for a guided tour given by Wormit’s Property Convener, Ewan Falconer.

Moving Ahead Into 2020

As we advance into the New Year we are very conscious that the mission of the Church has never changed. We remain committed to our mission statement...

Making Jesus known
Making disciples
Making a difference

Our hope for 2020 is that God will be pleased to continue to bless all that we seek to do to honour Him. Please continue to pray for our ongoing ministry here.
Thank you.