XYZ – Senior Ministries

xyzlogoThe XYZ ministry (Extra Years of Zeal) is aimed at the retired and seniors within both our Parishes. They meet fortnightly at 11:30 am in Wormit East Hall. The programme, as you can see from below is varied and entertaining. Every day there are quizzes and games as well as good hearty soup and a roll with tea and coffee. So why not come along and enjoy excellent company and hear entertaining speakers.

Here is our programme for 2019/20

September 27th       Quiz
October      11th       Mary Reilly  milestones and more
October       25th      Quiz
November    8th        Hearing dogs for the deaf
November   22nd     Quiz
December    13th      Party with music by Stewart Fyffe
January        10th      Quiz
January         24th      Bob and Charlie  celebrating  Burns
February          7th     Quiz
February        21st      Sewart  Mckiddie  on Discovery
March               6th    Quiz
March            20th     Mary’s Meals  June Mills
April                 3rd     Easter Party
Easter Break
April                24th    Largo Sounds
May                   8th    Quiz
May                 22nd   Indian travels   Steve Gilman
June                  5th    Quiz
June                 19th   0uting