During the Coronavirus pandemic we will be posting a quiz each Friday with the answers posted the following week. There are no prizes – just the satisfaction of doing the quiz and sharing how well you did. Why not give it a go. The quiz for this week is posted below – the answers will appear next week on this page. A big thanks to the folk organising this… enjoy.

Here is a series of quick links to our quizzes so far…

22.05.2020 Found in the Garden

29.05.2020 Biscuits and Sweets

05.06.2020 General Knowledge

12.06.2020 Towns and Villages in Scotland

19.06.2020 General Knowledge ‘C & G’ Quiz

26.06.2020 Something Different

03.07.2020 Holywood Stars

10.07.2020 General Knowledge

17.07.2020 Pot Luck Quiz