During the Coronavirus pandemic we will be posting a quiz each Friday with the answers posted the following week. There are no prizes – just the satisfaction of doing the quiz and sharing how well you did. Why not give it a go. The quiz for this week is posted below – the answers will appear next week on this page. A big thanks to the folk organising this… enjoy.

Found in the garden

  1. Suit of Cards
  2. Pub line
  3. Fruit
  4. Sweeper
  5. Grass Cutter
  6. Right in the centre of drier
  7. Tiller
  8. Handwarmer
  9. Hassock
  10. Sprayer
  11. Water Pipe
  12. Liquid container
  13. Push the learner
  14. Westwards
  15. Unwanted plant fire
  16. Scrape
  17. Manure Pile
  18. Page Trumpeter
  19. Divide into 2 branches
  20. Hairdressers use these
  21. One who tears into small pieces
  22. Cured grass cutter
  23. Select
  24. Pan for blooms