17.07.2020 Pot Luck Quiz

1.  The Palme d’Or is awarded at which film festival?

2.   In computing what is the meaning of the acronym RAM?

3.   The headquarters of Interpol is located in which French City?

4.   Which musical notation indicates that a note has been lowered in pitch?

5.   Who married King Henry VIII three weeks after his divorce from Anne of  


6.   Which comedian provided the voice for Dr. Nefario in the 2010 film Despicable Me?


7.  Charlie, Alan and Jake Harper are the central characters in which US sitcom?

8.   Citizen Khan and Peaky Blinders are both set in which British city?

9.   Tom Waits’ Way Down in the Hole became the theme music for which American   Crime drama series?

10.  Robin Ellis and Aiden Turner have appeared as which title character in two  popular TV adaptations of Winston Graham novels?

11.  Which The X Factor finalists formerly performed under the name Menn on point?

12.   Bobby Grant, Jim Pratt and Jim Royle are TV roles associated with which Actor? 

Natural History.

13.   Coelodonta was an ice age creature belonging to which genus of mammals?

14.   Known biologically as solanum tuberosum which vegetable belongs to the Nightshade family?

15.    Which gaseous element constitutes approximately 21 per cent of atmospheric air?

16.    What type of rock can be seen in approximately 40,000 hexagonal columns at the Giants Causeway?

17      Including some mosses and ferns, epiphytes are plants having which particular common Growing habits?

18.     The furcula is a clavicular bone of a bird more commonly known – especially in poultry – by which name?


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