19.06.2020 General Knowledge Quiz

Hint – the answers to each clue begin with the letter ‘C’ and ‘G’ e.g. Caused when wick burns down = ‘Candle Grease’.

1.   Lovely head of hair.

2.   University Campus.

3.   Inventor.

4.   Kitchen Utensil.

5.   Archibald Leach.

6.   Whist, Poker, Snap.

7.   They bared all for Charity.

8.   Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Paul Lawrie

9.   This could be a favourite at teatime.

10.  Not a long hard stare.

11.  Lords, Oval, Trentbridge.

12.  She may appear on front of Vogue

13.  For the benefit of all.

14.  American film actor.

15.  High kicking lovelies.

16.  A young member of MENSA perhaps.

17.  Entrance to Ecclesiastical grounds.

18. She’s not a city dweller.

19.  Physalis Peruviana.

20.  This holds a celebratory drink.

21.  Small village near Trumpton.

22.  Hide and Seek, Hopscotch, I -Spy.

23.  She made her profession a priority.

24.  Where the Macs meet up.

25.  Automatics don’t require you to do this


Answers will be posted on this link next Friday D.V.

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