05.06.2020 General Knowledge

1.   Name the Scot who discovered penicillin.

2.   What does SCWS stand for?

3.   Who founded St. Andrews University?

4.    What does “Sonsie” mean?

5.   What is the body’s largest Internal organ?

6.   How many stars are there on the New Zealand flag?

7.   Triton is the largest moon of which planet 

8.   What is the Festival of Samhain better known as?

9.   How many years did the Stone of Destiny remain in Westminster?

       600 years, 650 years or 700 years. 

10.  What are the highest cliffs in Great Britain?  St. Kilda or White 

         Cliffs of Dover.

11.  Where was Eric Liddell born? 

12.  Who published memoirs called “Roamin’ in the Gloamin’?

13.  Name the three lochs on the Caledonian Canal?

14.  Who played Janet in Dr. Findlay’s Casebook?

15.  Which Scot discovered the Victoria Falls?

16.   What would you do with a dulcimer— Eat it, wear it, or play it?

17.   How many creatures give their names to Chinese years?

18.   Is hot air lighter or heavier than cold air?

19.   How many carats are there in pure gold?

20.  Who wrote the “Little Mermaid”?


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