Learning Resources


Learning at home can be both challenging and rewarding. Here are a number of resources that we hope you will find useful. Please note that Wormit Parish Church and Balmerino Parish Church are not responsible for the content in these courses – they are simply recommended by others who have them useful at this time.

Learning Resources for School Children & Adults.

BBC Bitesize

This is a well established national education resource offering support for Primary, Secondary and post 16 year olds pupils. It offers tips and helps for learning and revision at home.


This is a peer reviewed site commended by many teachers. It offers support for all primary and secondary pupils but also for parents as well.

Open University’s OpenLearn

There is over 1000 free courses here – something for everyone to be inspired and learn something new. The courses range from 1 to 100 hours that will inspire an inform you – well worth a look at.

Future Learn

A diverse number of courses, many of which are free, are on offer from various educational institutes. The courses vary in length, most are six to to ten weeks long. However there are a number of shorter ones. Learning can be done with a friend via email or social media. You can receive certification for a fee. The courses are accessed through a simple ‘dashboard’ once you register.


Offer a variety of free courses some of which are certified. These range from business, data science, marketing, psychology and even English. Well with a look at.


Over 1,000 courses in 9 categories all free. These courses are self-paced and are interactive in their design to enrich the learning experience. They also offer certificate courses (average around 2 – 3 hours) whilst Diploma courses are around (8-10 hours).

For even more courses take a look at MY WORLD OF WORK. A page that has been compiled with links to most of the courses that are on offer.

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