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NEW ITEM: Morrisons are offering local delivery to ‘elderly and vulnerable customers’. By ‘elderly’ they mean over 70’s and ‘vulnerable’ they would mean underlying health conditions that require you to be ‘shielded’ or if you are ‘a single parent unable to shop’. You also have to live within 10 miles of a store. Call 0345 6116111 and take option 5.

NEW ITEM: A new national helpline has been set up to provide essential assistance to those who don’t have a network of support but who are at high risk if they contract COVID-19.  The service will offer help to those who do not have family or existing community support and cannot get online and who are over 70, disabled people, require the support of mental health services, are pregnant or receive a flu jab for health reasons. This service is in addition to localised support already available for people who have received letters advising them to shield themselves.

The helpline is open 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.  Callers to 0800 111 4000 will be automatically connected to their council who will support them to access the service they need, such as:
•        essential food and medication
•        links to local social work services for vulnerable children or adults
•        emotional support
•        contact with local volunteer groups.

FOOD SHOP – We can arrange to collect your shopping and drop it to your door. We are still working out how the financial side of this will work – most likely it will require a lot of trust either way receipts will always be provided.

We will be limited to shopping twice a week, days to be arranged to fit with local shop deliveries. We will be supported by our local shops in the first instance and thereafter by the national chains. TO BOOK this service phone 07398 969470 and leave your Name, Number and brief message. Failing this contact any of the telephone numbers listed here.

A number of shops are offering food purchase e-cards that can be taken to the store and used to directly purchase the food. These enable neighbours, friends, etc., to shop on behalf of others for up to the value of the card which is securely sent to your email address complete with an access pin. Check them out by clicking the links below.

ASDA, M&S and Morrisons

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