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'Tartan, Treasure Island and the River Tay'

Katherine reading 'Bairnsang'

Here are some photos from Balmerino and Wormit’s recent Scottish  afternoon, which was titled “Tartan, Treasure Island & the River Tay”.   As part of the Tartan theme we tracked the development of tartan and Highland dress, with Jan Winch taking a bolt of tartan to drape and pin round a volunteer (Ann Johnson) to demonstrate how it would have been worn, followed by David Winch reading ‘The Dress Act’, forbidding Highland dress, and its later repeal.

As you can see from the programme below there were a number of recitations, songs and readings.   Helen Lawrenson used quite a bit of Stevenson (hence Brian Lawrenson doing Long John Silver in the photo); and Katherine Brown is wrapped in scarf and woolly hat because she was reading a dialect poem  about a little girl being dressed up warmly for her first day at school. A friend came along to play Scots fiddle tunes, and Dorothy Lawrenson played her pipes. She also sang “The Women o’ Dundee”and got the audience to join in the chorus.

Viv Rough’s reading of a McGonagall poem about the Tay had us all falling about with laughter.   As you can see from the list below – we had a very full afternoon that was followed with a lovely tea. 

A big thank you to all who participated, and all who worked behind the scenes.

Event Programme

Dorothy playing as folk come in.

  1. Intro (Helen) & Notices (Ruth). Reflection – Helen
  1. Hymn: 533 CH4, Will you come and follow me (Tune: Kelvingrove) – vv 1, 2 and 5
  1. Early days of Tartan – Helen & Jan
  1. The Dress Act – David
  1. Song (The Dark Island) – Sheila
  1. The Act repealed – Helen & Katherine
  1. Song (Freedom Come A’ Ye) – Dorothy

The General Danced at Dawn – Helen

  1. Twa-legged Mice – Barbara
  1. Strathspey & Reels – Veronica & Morag Anne
  1. Kidnapped – Dorothy
  1. The Lamplighter – Jan
  1. Song – Eleanor
  1. Treasure Island – Brian
  1. Tam’s Flight – Helen
  1. The Silvery Tay – Viv
  1. Shetland Waltzes – Veronica & Morag Anne
  1. McGonagall & The Queen – Helen & Maureen
  1. Bairnsang – Katherine
  1. The Women o Dundee – Dorothy & company
  1. Hymn: 600 CH4, Spirit of God (Tune: The Skye Boat Song)

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