First Sunday of the New Year


The Man With The Water Pot

In this first Sunday of the New Year we got off to an amazing start! We started it with a joint service of worship and the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  It was good to be able to share in fellowship after.  

The sermon, based on the text of Luke Chapter 22 verses 8-13 considered the unknown man who could be identified with a water pot.  Here was a man doing such an unusual thing in that day which would have made him easily seen and identified – so we too should be easily identified in this day as followers of Christ.  His purpose was to serve the one who sent him on the task and in the same way we also are to serve the one who sends us.  Finally, as a guide to the Upper Room he was able to show the way to the disciples – so we too, Lord willing, may prove to be guides in 2019 in order that others may enter the ‘Upper Room’ in fellowship with Christ D.V..

Following the sermon each member of the congregation was invited to come forward and take a bookmark (see opposite) as an act of service and to trust for the year ahead to be a witness to the grace of God. 

Before receiving communion we exchanged the piece with one another by way of preparation.   Each member of the congregation was invited, before Communion, to exchange the blessing of peace with one another and then (Matthew 5:23f; 1 Corinthians 11:28.  

We are trusting that God will continue to minister through us to our community in the coming months of 2019 and pray that you and yours may know the Lord’s richest blessing this year and beyond.

Rev Dr James Connolly

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