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Children's Work

Just met a couple guys who represent the work of Compassion in Jesus Name.  Adrian and Don came to share about the work and their hope of seeing it grow.  We are particularly interested in this since we have been sponsoring a young man for many years.  These programs ‘…are designed to meet the needs of children at different stages of their development, from conception to adulthood.’  Such sponsorship ‘…is proven to be effective in breaking the chains of poverty..’ that bind so many children.  At this time, I am told there is great need for churches to look at the plight of children in TOGO which sits in West Africa. It extends south to the Gulf of Guinea, and is bordered on the north by Burkina Faso, Benin to the east, and Ghana on the west.  It is not a nation we hear a lot about however we look forward learning more about their work and how the Church can continue to be an effective partner in this important work which is Christ-centred, Child-focused and Church-based.

Adrian has agreed to speak at the Bridge Bible Class on Saturday, 2nd of March on the ‘The plight of the child and the work of the Church today’.

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