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Crocodile Rock Kids club – Tuesday 5th June 2018

The Children’s Ministry team ran a Kid’s club for P1-P7 children. The aim was to help families in the community needing childcare support and activities for the in-service day. As most of us know, there is a constant need for parents to take holidays or pay for activity clubs and child minders to cover school holidays and in-services days. With the ever increasing and accumulating costs, and the additional hassle to do so, it is never easy for parents. The team also recognised that in-service days are also often overlooked by other clubs.

Tuesday’s kid’s club was a pilot to see if it would help as a the response to the problem. Whilst it was organised at short notice, it was a success. The team are grateful to the support of Wormit Primary School for the communication of it, and the use of games equipment and the Big Park. Also, a big thank you to the ladies who provided tray bake and cakes – very lovely, yum! And, not to forget, the volunteers from Wormit and Balmerino churches who generously shared their time and energy… I am sure they all slept very well that night!

Some details of the day…

The club ran across the normal school day, from 8:45am through until 3:15pm. There was a morning and afternoon session, with a short lunch. There were a mixture of pre-arranged crafts, activities and outdoor games. They were very blessed by the weather, which was sunny and warm. So, they spent a good deal of time on the Big Park playing. In total there were 10 kids all day. A lot of fun was had, energy and noise released!

There was a small nominal charge to cover costs, with the kids each able to take away

a t-shirt souvenir of their day. The warm and positive feedback from the children and parents was great to receive.

The team will look to do similar kids clubs for other in-service days when they arise. There are usually 3 per year (away from summer holidays). The team are also considering re-establishing the Easter activity week club that has run in previous years.

I am sure the team will have more time to plan for bigger and better things next time!

Blessings to you all.

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