Jackie and Jamie’s African Blog

Prayer Request for Jackie and Jamie as they take their leave for South Africa’ s Hands at Work mission trip.

1. For the team of 11 who come on the 1st trip. That every member would powerfully encounter Jesus in a fresh and transforming way in South Africa. That the Lord will use each of us to serve Him faithfully, and those we meet, and that He will change and transform us in the process.

2. For protection physically, emotionally, and spiritually while we are there. Special prayers for protection while we are travelling (11 of us in a large van!) as South African roads are notoriously dangerous (highest accident mortality rate in the world!). For those who are driving…care and attention.

3. For the relationships that we will make, with the care workers and with the children. That we will be a blessing and encouragement to them, that the Lord will give us His love for them. For divine appointments and special moments with them. That we might also serve and bless the Hands at Work community at the Hub (their base) who work full time for Hands.

4. Team dynamics…that we would bond easily as a team. (We don’t know each other very well!). That we would love, support and encourage each other, particularly when challenges arise. For Craig and I as we lead the team – for the care, compassion, insight, wisdom etc we will need! That we will have FUN as a team, (as well as the crying we will probably do!….it is quite a heart rending time).

5. For protection for our families back home as we all step out in faith to do this!



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